gorvenment services

Government Services

Government Court Reporting Services

Apex Court Reporting has provided Government Court Reporting Services to Government bodies such as the United States House of Representatives HearingsUnited States District CourtsMayor Bloomberg’s OfficeDepartment of JusticeFederal Bureau of Prisons, FEMA and non-profit organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art.

We provide

  • Government Court Reporting Services
  • Government CART Services
  • Government Legal Videography Services
  • Government Captioning Services
  • VA Court Reporting Services
  • Administrative Hearing Court Reporting Services
  • VA Hearing Services
  • Congressional Hearing Court Reporting Services
  • Agency Hearing Services
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Court Reporting Services
  • Department of Justice Court Reporting Services
  • State, Municipal and Local Government Court Reporting Services
  • State, Municipal and Local Government CART Services for the deaf and hearing impaired

The Courts have counted on us and our reporters for accurate reporting of court proceedings and real-time reporting of cases in providing Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, and so can you.

Apex offers a host of Government services for all your governmental court reporting needs including deposition Court Reporting, Real-Time Reporting, CART and Legal Videography with synchronized transcription of the proceedings to video.

Government CART Services

We also provide CART Services for the deaf and hearing impaired. Our CART providers have provided CART services to many colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and governmental bodies.

Our professional captioners have captioned major sports events, live news broadcasts, recorded shows and many forms of live or pre-recorded Television programming.

Law Marketing Services

Law Firm Services

Free Law Firm Marketing Services

At Apex we can help your law firm get more business for FREE.

Your Firm can qualify for free law firm lead generation, potentially translating into thousands or millions of dollars in extra business.

As a client, your law firm can qualify for receiving these services for free, which may significantly increase your business.

We can provide these additional services for law firms:

At Apex we offer web design, e-commerce and mobile websites for law firms.At Apex we can provide  IT Services with capability to design, build, optimize and maintain websites for your firm.

Free law firm consulting can help you significantly increase your business. Our consultants have consulted small businesses through public companies with market capitalization of $ 300 mil. A must for start-up firms, if you are already successful our consultants can help increase your efficiency and break you to the next level.

Law Marketing Services

Law Firm Consulting

Our experienced staff conduct a review of your existing IT infrastructure and your goals and provide you with proposals on how to use the internet for maximum cost reduction and efficiency.

  • The internet is immense. No matter what you are doing online and how successful you are, there can be much more by utilizing our services. Our founders have been involved in technology companies that have invested over $ 3 mil. in internet infrastructure and bring their experience to your firm.
  • Our consultants have consulted a number of venture stage, established and publicly traded companies.
  • Get listed for free in our exclusive law firm directory.

Your expansion means our expansion.

Lawyer Leads & Attorney Leads

Are you ready for serious lead generation via the web and business expansion via proven management consulting services?


Apex Legal Videography Services

Apex Legal Videography Services

At Apex Legal Video, we provide legal videography services nationwide.

We can provide CLVS certified video specialists for your video deposition.

  • Video-conference rooms nationwide
  • CLVS certified videographers
  • Transcript synchronized to video
  • Expedited DVD copies
  • Day in the Life of videos
  • Redacting testimony videos
  • Construction site video surveys
  • Accident scene videos
  • Settlement and documentary videos
  • Forensic videos
  • Video editing for trial
  • Video inspections
  • Wills videos
  • Prenuptial videos
  • Still from video
conference room

Conference Rooms Nationwide

Conference Rooms Nationwide

Apex Court Reporting provides deposition conference rooms nationwide.

Whether you are in Dallas and would like to use one of our conference rooms in our location in Dallas or you are located in NYC or Miami or other parts of the country, Apex Court Reporting & Legal Support Services provides conference rooms for all your deposition needs nationwide.

  • Deposition Conference Rooms in all major metropolitan areas
  • Video-conferencing capability
  • High speed internet connections
  • Speakerphones with conference calling capability
  • Printing, copying and faxing equipment and facilities

We can also provide court reporters, legal videographers and interpreters for your deposition needs so you can set up everything with one call or e-mail.

Call us at (214) 227 9453 or Contact Us to reserve our conference rooms conveniently located throughout the country to serve all of your deposition and meetings needs.


We offer small to large conference rooms with video-conferencing capability and single or multi-monitor setups. Our state of the art conference rooms are available for reservation to handle all of your court reporting and deposition needs. Our conference rooms are for use by our clients and not available as a separate service.

Please note:

Conference rooms are for use by our clients. Conference room fees apply. Video-conferencing not available at all locations. Additional fees apply for video conferencing.

Make one call and let us handle everything for you. Conference rooms, court reporting, legal videography, interpreters and transcript synchronization to video.

Apex is your one stop agency for all your court reporting needs.