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CART Providers Nationwide

CART PROVIDERS provide Real-time Translation of the spoken word for the deaf and the hearing impaired. CART is used in many settings including in:

  • Schools, Universities & Educational settings with real-time display of the lecture for the deaf & hearing impaired or for the entire class on a large screen.
  • Events with the deaf and hearing impaired in audience.
  • Hearings & Proceedings where the spoken word is displayed on a laptop or large screen as it is being spoken in real-time.

Our professional CART Writers provide CART services in all settings including on location and remote CART services.

cart for deaf and the hearing impaired

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About Dallas Court Repoters we provide nationwide court reporting services from our New York offices located in the Empire State Building and additional offices in Beverly HillsSan Diego and Long Island. We offer our local and nationwide conference rooms for meetings, corporate events and depositions for our clients. Many of our locations also provide deposition video-conferencing capability. We have hundreds of Court ReportersReal-Time Reporters with many years of experience available to handle all of your Court Reporting needs. Our experience in Captioning & CART Services ensures you receive the best quality products and services with fast delivery to meet all of your programming, event and educational deadlines.