CART for Education

Our on-site cart providers come out to you while our remote CART providers can provide cart from anywhere with an internet connection and microphones.

At Apex CART Providers we provide On-site and Remote CART. This service allows real-time translation of the spoken word into text enabling hard-of-hearings and deaf students to read what is being said in the classroom and participation.

Apex CART Agency provides real-time CART services and classroom captioning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

As a nationwide CART provider, our professional CART Providers have experience in providing educational CART in on-site and remote settings.

Apex provides CART services to educational institutions, universities, schools, colleges and government agencies across the United States.

For all your educational CART and events CART needs Apex is your one stop shop. Apex CART providers will take care of all your short and long term CART needs.

CART for Education