Remote CART

Remote CART

Remote CART Services

Remote CART is a service in which we deliver communication access anywhere the recipient has Internet and telephone connections. The audio feed* lets the captioner hear the meeting taking place. The spoken word is then transcribed into English and sent to the consumer(s) for viewing, within seconds of the words being spoken.

For larger groups, the receiving computer can be connected to a large screen or an LCD projector.

We can obtain an audio feed a few different ways:

  • Using Skype or
  • Using a speaker phone or
  • Using wired or wireless microphones connected to the speaker (this is best in crowded settings with ambient noise) *Note: For optimum results in remote captioning, the audio feed to the CART provider must be of excellent quality.

CART Delivery via:

  • Laptop/desktop monitors
  • LCD projector with large overhead screen
  • Modem/Internet
  • Digital display
  • Webcasting
Remote CART
Onsite CART

Onsite CART

Also known as CART on-the-spot

On-Site CART

Advanced technology and equipment enable us to provide CART services in almost any setting. Following an event, captioned proceedings may be made available in electronic format. Our CART professionals are trained to convey the total experience, including such things as gestures, laughter and surrounding sounds in the captioning.

This is crucial for the hearing loss community, particularly in crowded or fast-paced speaking environments such as annual general meetings, hearings or informal settings with multiple participants.

Onsite CART
cart for deaf and the hearing impaired

CART For Deaf and Hearing Impaired

We are

CART Providers Nationwide

CART PROVIDERS provide Real-time Translation of the spoken word for the deaf and the hearing impaired. CART is used in many settings including in:

  • Schools, Universities & Educational settings with real-time display of the lecture for the deaf & hearing impaired or for the entire class on a large screen.
  • Events with the deaf and hearing impaired in audience.
  • Hearings & Proceedings where the spoken word is displayed on a laptop or large screen as it is being spoken in real-time.

Our professional CART Writers provide CART services in all settings including on location and remote CART services.

cart for deaf and the hearing impaired
CART for the Classroom

CART For Classroom

CART for the Classroom

Our CART providers work with students in schools and translate the lectures being spoken into typeset on a laptop or large screen so a deaf or hearing-impaired student can understand what the professor is saying in real-time. In the case or projection to a large screen the entire class can benefit from the real-time translation of speech to text. Many schools also provide the captions to the lectures, as they are typed in real-time, to the entire class on a big screen so students can back track and read what the professor is saying as well as hearing the word.

CART for the Classroom
cart for events

CART For Events

are used in places such as

CART Services

  • Conventions
  • Shareholders’ meetings
  • Government departmental meetings
  • Small/large workplace settings
  • Courtrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Annual meetings
  • Special events

At Apex CART Providers, we provide CART Reporting services for all of the above events.

Contact us for all of your Onsite CART and Remote CART needs.

cart for events
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